• The Designer’s Passion of Eilyn Cueto

  • Posted on August 17, 2018
  • More than anything else, Eilyn Cueto has learned that passion guides the soul. That’s why she went to Costa Rica and studied design there for so long. In fact, she was there to search for an up-and-coming designer to learn from, until she realized she was exactly the one she was looking for. She largely discovered her fresh design vision as she worked as a freelance designer under the tutelage and supervision of a licensed architect. This was while she was still in college. From there, she was able to design and build numerous public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, markets and many more.

    Eilyn Cueto

    By the time Eilyn Cueto returned to Miami from Costa Rica, where she had spent a half dozen years trying to as perhaps discover her passion; what she really wanted to to with her life, she was ready to open her own company. From that platform, she has served clients throughout the state of Florida and the United States and even internationally, providing them with high quality design services. Over time, her design work has been featured all over the media, as well as in magazines. She has managed to gain a significant reputation as a design specialist, although she knows she still has a long way to go.

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